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    While the “Kindred” (a term the Sabbat despise)
    of the Ivory Tower cower among mortals and cling to
    outdated Traditions, the Sabbat prefer to indulge in
    their vampiric nature. They refuse to wear the tattered
    rags of humanity or to act as slaves and cattle to their
    elders. Besides, vampires are clearly and openly superior
    to mortals — do humans lie down with cows and
    call them brother? As such, Sabbat vampires consider
    mortals to be tools and food at best, and have little tolerance
    for “Cainites” who pretend to be human. They
    are inherently alien and literally inhumane.

    Títulos do Sabbat

    Name of the aforementioned Mithras or Prince Lodin
    of Chicago might be enough to cause a shiver of fear
    down the spines of those cities’ vampires.
    The role of Prince is a complex and varied one and
    much has been said about it, but ultimately, a Prince is
    master of the domain.

    Archbishop (Sabbat)
    With many of the same powers as the Prince, the
    Archbishop is the closest analog the Sabbat has to that
    position. An Archbishop is different, though, in that
    the Sabbat is less concerned with enforcing the Traditions
    and more concerned with waging its holy war
    against the Antediluvians and everyone else. Thus,
    the Archbishop is part spiritual leader and part warlord,
    advancing the Sword of Caine’s agenda and establishing
    Cainite primacy. This last is a difficult task
    to undertake, as it’s not simply a question of turning a
    Sabbat city into a living hell and declaring that vampires
    rule; the fundamentals of the Masquerade and the
    sheer weight of the mortal population means that is
    a war to be waged in stages. Too many Sabbat fail to
    understand this, especially among the young, and lose
    faith in their leadership because they’re too impatient
    to play out the long-game Jyhad. This subversion of ignorance
    is perhaps the Archbishop’s greatest challenge
    to overcome.

    Ductus: Leaders of individual packs, Ducti attend to the
    operation matters of their charges, resembling gang leaders
    or chiefs of small tribes. The title of Ductus is largely
    honorific, according recognition to the most accomplished
    member of a pack. Some authority accompanies the title,
    but the Ductus who throws his weight around is likely to
    find his ass dumped unceremoniously in a trash bin, if not
    staked out to welcome the next sunrise.

    Pack Priest: Priests bear the responsibility for the
    spiritual wellbeing of their packs. Second in command
    to the Ductus, the Pack Priest officiates all the rituals
    observed by the pack, and often creates a few for the
    sole use of the pack. All packs have at least one Pack Priest, though some rare and large packs have two. In the event that the Ductus is eliminated, the Pack
    Priest becomes a temporary leader until a new leader
    can be appointed by the Bishop, Archbishop.

    Templar: Also known as Paladins, the Templars are
    an elite force of bodyguards appointed by a Bishop or
    greater leader. Templars serve a variety of duties, always
    in a martial capacity. Most Archbishops keep a cadre
    of Paladins in their retinues to handle delicate matters
    best solved by a judicious application of violence.

    Bishop: Bishops are those immediately below the
    Archbishop in Sabbat domains, with the same highlevel
    duties but much narrower scope. A Bishop may
    be in charge of a single aspect of Cainite unlife in the
    domain, or she may be a more general spiritual leader,
    inquisitor against diabolism, military general, or any
    other specific aspect of Sabbat agenda. Some Sabbat
    domains have no Archbishop, but are instead ruled by
    a council of Bishops.

    Priscus: Superficially, a Priscus is similar to a Primogen,
    but is never appointed by an Archbishop or
    Bishop; Prisci rise to the rank over time and according
    to no specific criteria. A Priscus, politically, is an advisor
    to the local Sabbat authority figures, with no formal
    role in Sect politics but great practical influence.

    Cardinal: Cardinals oversee Sabbat affairs in large
    geographical regions. As the superiors of the Archbishops,
    Cardinals coordinate the Sabbat in their cities and
    direct them in the Jyhad. Further, it is their direct duty
    to bring any cities within their territory under the Sabbat’s
    sway. Most Sabbat see their Cardinals no more
    than once per year, if at all, as the duties of the office
    keep them in constant communication with Bishops,
    Archbishops, Prisci, and the Regent herself.

    Regent: The Regent is the ultimate authority over
    all of the Sabbat, ruling the Sect from the Sabbat
    stronghold in Mexico City. Each of the Archbishops
    or councils of Bishops is ultimately accountable to the

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